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Welcome to the Addictive Hunting experience.  Hog hunting is not just something we do, it’s what we do!  We invite you to 15,000 acres of rolling hills, cedar forests, swamp lands, 12 miles of river bottom and cavernous ravines of west-central Oklahoma to hunt the infamous wild boar.  Let us show you how addictive hog hunting can really be!

No License Required

Hunting licenses are not required to hunt wild hogs on private property in the state of Oklahoma. (Even for out-of- state hunters)

No Trophy Fees

Unlike other outfitters, there are no trophy fees or size limits here. Therefore, a 500 pounder with 6″ tusks is the same price as a 50 pounder with 1/2″ tusks. You don’t have to think about your wallet when you have that giant boar in your scope!

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