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Please bear in mind that this is not a high fence hunt and these are not domesticated animals. These are WILD RUSSIAN BOARS with very bad attitudes. Most of them start around 200 to 300 pounds and hogs over 500 pounds with over 5″ tusks have been taken.

This is NOT a high fence hunt. This is wild country and these animals are very unpredictable. We recommend scoped firearms no smaller than a .270 and ideally something in the .30 caliber range* (heavy grain) or higher is more appropriate. Buckshot may be used when doing pushes but is not suitable for hunting on stand.

Just some food for thought — we had a hunter get charged by a 250 pound boar hog while hunting a ground blind. He was hunting with a .375 H&H magnum and put 5 good shots into the animal before it dropped.  All 5 shots hit the boar and broke both shoulders, both legs, multiple ribs, penetrated both lungs and destroyed the heart.  There was even a shot to the head that deflected off of the sloped skull and never penetrated the brain case.  The hog stopped only after the 2nd shoulder had been hit, which disabled it.  These aren’t your grandpa’s farm pigs.

*30-30′s however are typically not recommended considering their lower powered ballistics cannot reliably penetrate hog hide.  If you can’t make a hole, they won’t leave a blood trail.