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Hog 101

By Dustin Bergen

Hog hunting is the country’s fastest growing sport.  It is exciting and given the rapidly growing population of wild hog numbers, more and more people can participate and enjoy this fulfilling activity.  Not only does it provide food for the table, it also allows hunters to keep their hunting skills from becoming rusty in preparation for the fall big game seasons.

The Addictive Hunting family has over a century of combined hog hunting experience to draw from when answering questions and recommending what works best.  Hog 101 was designed to answer some of the questions people often have as well as provide some tips on how you can be more successful in the pursuit of the infamous wild boar.

So, do we know what we’re talking about?  We like to think so.  Do other folks’ methods work as well?  Yes.  Whatever puts a hog on the ground as quickly and ethically as possible is the ‘right’ way in our eyes.  We simply recommend what has worked best for us in 120 combined years of hog hunting and since it’s our website, that’s what we’re going to do! :)

In the coming weeks, we’ll discuss the differences and similarities between wild pigs and other game animals, what to expect when in pursuit of them and what you can do to put the odds in your favor!

Just click on the articles below to start learning…

  1. Myths and Legends
  2. The Eyes
  3. The Ears
  4. That Incredible Nose
  5. Stubby Little Legs
  6. Body Armor
  7. Intelligence