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What to Bring


You will need to bring:
  • Your own bedding and towels if you plan on showering.
  • Your own food and drinks.
  • Your weapon of choice.  (Rifles should be .270 or larger and no buckshot please.)
  • Ice chest with plenty of ice.
  • Any other amenities you wish to bring that will make your stay more enjoyable.

The town of Geary, OK is 15 miles away from the lodge and there is a gas station (7-11 type) that sells ice, some groceries, supplies and gasoline.

Please check out the link to the lodge to see the accommodations we have in place.

* — You may hunt with archery equipment, blackpowder, pistols, shotguns, or rifles (No dogs though). We recommend heavier caliber weapons because of their reliability in killing hogs. If you will be hunting with other equipment, please ensure that you take the extra time and practice up. We’ve had too many people lose hogs that they shot because they don’t leave enough blood trail or the shot placement was slightly off.

Please take time and practice up with your weapon of choice! We don’t want any wounded animals.