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Farewell for now…


With heavy-hearts, we must report that we are taking an indefinite hiatus from the hunting business.  We have had a great run over the past 20 years and have hunted with a great many folks whom we are proud to count as friends.  But although the future seems dim, it is not necessarily set in stone.

All the same, we feel that we need to be definitive in communicating to you folks that we are unable to continue hunting at this time, so it is an effective ‘goodbye’, at least for now.

Over the years, we have learned a vast amount about the game animals we love to pursue and the experiences of guiding a multitude of hunters from different backgrounds during our time.  Looking back, the joys outweigh the pains by far and we thank you all for the good times.

Here is a look back at some statistics…

Official numbers (Since we started recording in 2008):

  • 1751 hogs shot.
  • Over 1800 hunters have hunted with us.
  • Our most productive season was 2009 with 273 hogs shot over 32 weekends.
  • High score over a single weekend was 20 hogs (Apr 13, 2012)
  • We had 8 hunters per weekend, on average.
  • 7.5 hogs shot per weekend, on average.
  • 94% success rate on free-range, wild hogs!


Unofficial numbers (pre-2008 through 2016):

  • Approximately 2300 hogs shot.
  • About 2500 hunters have hunted with us.
  • 92% success rate on free-range, wild hogs!


Not too shabby for a small-time, family run outfitter!

We are honored that our clients, our friends, have enabled us to maintain the industry’s highest success rate (94%) on a truly fair-chase, free-range hog hunt (and we’ve done the research!).   Without you guys, we would never have been able to realize our dream of running a successful family hunting business.

A special thanks also goes out to all of our extended family who have helped us bear the burden of putting hunters on game, maintaining stands, dragging, skinning and cleaning pigs, and bending over backwards in general to ensure people had the best weekends possible.  Our hats are off to you for being there to help when we needed you most.

So with this, we bid farewell (for now) as the most successful free-range, wild hog hunting outfitter.  Thank you to everyone.  It has been the adventure of a lifetime.



The Addictive Hunting Family